Syabu-syabu Nabe ( Simple Thinly sliced meat Hot pod )

Do you know Syabu-syabu Nabe is cooked easily at home ?
This recipe is very simply. So please make it !

This is Syabu-syabu Nabe.
Pot hole is the exhaust path when heated in a charcoal stove pot. Provided it is necessary to avoid incomplete combustion because the diameter of the pot is larger than that of the charcoal stove. And it was also obtained thermal side effect is enhanced by the chimney effect.

1. Put the Kobu (Seaweed) into the boiling water, and take it out after a few minutes.


2.Cut the lettuce, Chinese cabbage, shiitake mushroom, and green onion very thin. And also cut beef or pork very thin.


3. The vegetable is put in the Nabe, and it boils for several minutes. It boils until picking up meat with chopsticks, and changing in white in the hot water.


Eat with Soysauce vinegar (Ponzu) or Sesami-sauce.


  • author:Reiko Yasuii

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